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ICG Press Information '2012

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ICG roadmap workshop on glasses for pharmaceutical applications
….ICG invited experts from the glass and pharmaceutical industries
to Berlin to discuss their future R&D needs.

"Unbreakable and chemically resistant glass especially developed for pharmaceutical applications" was identified as an ideal goal for the future by one of the participants of the ICG roadmap workshop which took place on March 12, 2012 in Berlin. Experts on glass surfaces and pharmaceuticals met for one day to develop their initial thoughts on a roadmap for future R&D in that field, it being perceived as one of the most important future glass applications. The invited experts came mainly from industry and had a broad range of competencies. This expert workshop continued a series of meetings organized by the ICG since 2008 on the “hot spots” in glass R&D; results from the previous meetings have been published recently in a booklet “MAKING GLASS BETTER”: An ICG roadmap with a 25 year Glass R&D horizon” edited by Klaus Bange and Marion Weissenberger-Eibl. Read more...

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