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About Thailand Center of Excellence for Glass (TCEG)

Thailand Center of Excellence for Glass (TCEG) is a governmental unit which belongs to the Department of Science Service, Ministry of Science and Technology. TCEG has been operating since 1998; it is, at present, recognized as the first glass expert laboratory in Thailand devoted to support scientific and technological matters for the glass industry.

TCEG also has good relations with both academic institutes
and industrial sectors. Its contributions to academic development
include supporting variousuniversities with lab and technical
equipment, internships for summer courses and an open house
for student. The Center’s personnel also represents as a special
lecturer, co-advisor and academic committee,and practical/senior
projects and thesis advisor forMaster and Ph.D, student. In Thailand,
there are many well known universities and institutes teaching and
conducting researches on glass technology such as Chulalongkorn
University, Kasetsart University, SuranareeUniversity, Chiangmai
University, etc.

The Center’s main responsibilities are as followings:

- Testing Services: According to modern equipment together with
the experience of staff, TCEG can serve most of industrial needs
with high quality of testing services terms of thermal, optical,
physical analysis.Melting behavior investigation is available
as well. TCEG also provides short-term customized researches that
are capable to solve specific technical problems in the
process on time.

- Research and Development: Focused researches recentlyin the utmost concern and highlight projects by TCEG are about the energy reduction and increasing furnaceefficiency, such as
“The Study of Batch-to-Melt ConversionAnalysis, Method for Improving Energy Efficiency” and
“The Study of Glass Melting Furnace Efficiency forEnergy Saving in Glass Production by means
of ThermodynamicsCalculation”, together with batch formulations which must beconducted in
parallel with kinetic investigation.


- Trainings, knowledge sharin:Apart from being a nationalcenter
for glass testing and researches, and to provide industry counseling
and technical support for the public and the private sectors.
Furthermore, TCEG holds technicaltrainings and seminars regularly.
As the governmental organization, developing industrial personnel
capability is one of the top priorities.

International Cooperation

Thailand is the only member of International Commission on Glass from ASEAN, and has been a full member of ICG since 2006. TCEG promotes and supports its staff’s participation in international activities and events including present academic papers and attend the past ICG annual meetings. It has also played an active role in TC02: Chemical durability and glass analysis.
Thailand Center of Excellence for Glass (TCEG) also benchmarks its performance against international best practices.

TC02 meeting in Venice, 2011

Glass industry in ASEAN and the situation of glass industry in Thailand

It is known that large glass manufacturers in ASEAN are branches of world’s leading companies, however, the majority are local small and medium glass manufacturing enterprises (SME). Most of glass products are ruled by their in-house requirements especially a glass container. Currently the vast potential of glass industry in ASEAN continues, in Vietnam, for example, glass container manufacturers have reported the high growth rate greater than any other countries in Asia in 2010 due to the heavy demand for food and beverage package.

Even in competition, the glass producers in ASEAN have worked in collaboration under the ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers (AFGM), which its members meet annually to discuss on up-to-date technology trends and business issues. AFGM was founded in 1977 by 19 glass manufacturers in South East Asian nations, for the purpose of setting up a regional industry association. Currently there are five member-countries, i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

ASEAN will be even more attractive market according to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) plan, in 2015 there will be free-flow goods, services, investments, capital and skilled labor. Common economic policies of ten countries bring about significant trade benefit, whereby common tariff reductions will stimulate cross border trade between nations. However, such integration might effect on some small domestic enterprises.

Glass sector in Thailand has long history, and ranks number one in terms of capacity and export values among the ASEAN, and the second largest in Asia after China in 2010. Thailand is the largest glass exporter to other ASEAN members. The rise of gas price in Thailand as well as in many countries has made quite an impact to the whole glass manufacturers especially to the SMEs. The ICG Annual Meeting 2015 in Bangkok will bring together leading researchers and industry representatives to review and share recent progress production practices and advanced technical support, which we believe it will benefit not only Thailand, but also countries in the region.

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